in Santa Rosa, CA

Home Blown Glass

705 4th Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
(707) 591-0420

Price Range: $$$
Credit Card: Yes

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by kainoa r.

I gave up the activity that would normally bring you into a store like this years ago, but I still duck in when walking by, just to take a look at all of the crazy things that can be done with glass. If you're lucky, a glass blower will be working behind his welder's mask in the front window, and you can watch (through tinted glass out front) as they do their art. And the pricing of the pieces sold here are as impressive as the work itself. I didn't realize that when I quit smoking (that) that I would save money on more than one front...

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by peanutbutter n.

These guys are more than just artists, they're wizards! Seriously, whenever I need a new "piece" of glass I make the trek from the bay area to come here. Not only is it a bad-ass place to come check out but my god do they have some cool stuff to look at! Phat salt water tank in the middle of the store and "wizards" blowing glass right before your eyes! This is like the Bennihana of smoke shops!

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by Rita C.

I love this place to no end... To me, this store epitomizes perfection...They have a beautiful selection of glass blown right from that studio. They also have very nice quality brands that one would be impressed by if one was educated in said products... You see, that kind of stuff is fun for me... Dorky, but fun! So being able to talk to the employees about their products means the world to me... And believe me, these employees know their shit! I believe we were being helped by Melissa... Not exactly positive on her name, but she was a very cute girl who knew her glass and the products they had for sale... She was so helpful and so nice!Another amazing thing they do at this store is that they blow glass in the front section so that all can see... For me this is absolutely awesome because I LOVE seeing glass blown... It's a very intense and unique process that some are just never exposed to. So to all, please, if possible, go to a glass blowing show/exhibit... It's intense and beautiful!Also, because they do blow their own products, they are able to offer a beautiful array of unique pieces... This is probably what gets me the most. I also love being able to purchase something at this shop on the cheap side or go all out and spend big knowing, for certain, that the product that was purchased will be amazing... Whether it be the pricey or cheapish product... And all of this is far better than anything I could ever get, and for such an affordable price, in the city... And I know I can say that with total certainty!Because of all of this, I would recommend anyone to Home Blown... A place where one can receive good customer service, good advice, and get glassware at a reasonable price... And of course, this store, along with their products, is not typical at all like every smoke shop in San Francisco... No no no, they have character... And I know I wont get treated like an idiot just because I'm a girl... YES!!!!!

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by desiree n.

nice place.  very cool looking...very helpful staff.  lots of really cool looking pieces...to smoke out of or just look at.also really neat cause the guys blow the glass right in the window so you can watch them make cool things as you walk on by.i could have spent more time browsing thats for sure, but my tummy told me I was hungry so I had to go feed.

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by KC C.

I am easily distracted by shiny thi-OOH! Lookit that! A pipe shaped like a dragon.Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that this place is a really coo-WOAH! Look at the dichroic glass on that! Its so sparkly!!Where was I? Oh yeah, they've got a great selection of handcraft-DUDE! LOOK! The guy up front is doing glassblowing! Neat!!Ok, I think you get my point. The only reason I'm taking off a star is because their hookah shisha selection is both small and not of the greatest quality. But otherwise I love homeblo-OMG! THAT THING IS HUGE! And shiny!

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by Aaron S.

I've never purchased anything here since I usually prefer rolling over pipe on the occasion that I feel compelled to enjoy some "tobacco." ; )However, I'm really glad this place is downtown. The North Bay's biggest city needs to have shops like this prominently placed. Plus, almost every time I walk by I slow down to watch someone hand blowing a glass pipe in the window. This is a great addition to the 4th Street scene.

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