in San Francisco, CA

Sunshine Coast

1312 Haight St
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 255-6075


Hour: Mon-Wed.12:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., Thu-Sat.12:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Price Range: $$
Parking: Street
Credit Card: Yes
Outdoor Seating: No

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by Samir P.

The best quality shisha in all of SF. Favorite flavors:1. Lava (a fancy name for Guava)2. Rose3. Ex-Mango (no...that doesn't mean it USED to be Mango. The "Ex" stands for Exotic)4. Passion Fruit. Can't beat em!!!

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by Tommy O.

They rock. The only place I go. Surprising with all the tourist crap around Upper Haight, but this is the place to go in SF.

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by Kate V.

As someone who smokes ONLY hookah, I find this to be the most awesome smoke gadget ever: a glass tube dipped in soapy solution. Exhale your hit through the clean end, through the other emerges a lazily floating bubble that inevitably explodes into magic smokiness. Tiiiiight.Been meaning to review this place for a while. I'm not at all surprised to always see it as #1 in the shopping section of Yelp's Best Of,  though I myself rate it #1 not necessarily as a hookah shop, but as a spot to chill out and smoke some shisha.I've been to both Kan Zaman and Nile Cafe numerous times... Sunshine has a much different, less ethnic more hippie vibe. The quality of the shisha, or perhaps the unique way it's served to you, undoubtedly beats that of any of the hookah places I've been anywhere. They use a torch-like thing to heat your coal in the very beginning, and some vacuum-type deal to start off the hookah so that you can bypass the harsh initial tester hits.They mix up some interesting and unique shisha flavors... like Golden Eye. I don't know what the hell is in that stuff, but the head high is great!Also, they're really friendly here and knowledgeable if you wanna buy smoking equipment (not quite my thing, but I've seen them at work!). They give you a little card where after you smoke there 9 times, your 10th bowl is free! Admittedly, I actually like my lungs and have only made it to the third holepunch, but at least I know the option's there, right?The space is a much better-kept and modernized version of your basic Haight street smoke shop. They play cool loungey music. There's I think 3 tables for smoking hookah while in the store, and the atmosphere is really laidback though there's no food or drink available. But really, besides the hookah and glass bubble blower, what else do you need? A must try.

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by zack l.

This was my second time at Sunshine Coast and definitely not my last. I strolled up and walked inside where I was given a friendly greeting and given a menu. (A menu?! Hookah bars with printed honest to God menus?) A friend and myself decided upon watermelon which was amazing until Jayson offered us some of his. Which at the time was Lava and that my friends is truely a classic. How do I know that? Because after about an hour with watermelon we decided we also wanted Lava. We had a great conversation with Jay and Charles and the others guys who work there. I forgot their names, but they are just as important. I think we managed to stay there for a solid 4 hours, smoking, bullshitting, and just stayin chill. Listening to Bob Marley and some other mellow stuff. We spoke about family and names all on good terms. The bar was empty when we got there but plenty full when we left. Next time I make it out to the city I am definitely going to make a stop at Sunshine Coast. -Zack

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by Edmund C.

HOLLA! This place is dope as hell. I was invited here a few nights ago to smoke some hookah, and I must admit that I was thrown off at first because it's really not a "lounge" type of atmosphere. The place is literally a hookah/smoke shop with a few tables in the back. Once I got settled in, however, I quickly changed my mind about the place. Our party started out huge and got even more huge (we ended up having like 25 people in the place at one point) but the staff was still very friendly and laid back about things--and this place isn't big. We tried about 6 different flavors, and although a few of the flavors were kinda bland and tasteless (Pina Colada and Jolly Rancher), everything else was good. At this point, though, I don't really even care that much about the quality of the hookah. The dudes here are just hella cool. We accidentally knocked over one of our hookahs, spilling water all over the floor. They were real cool about it and cleaned it up really fast. An hour later we were all--staff included--huddled around the big screen TV as one of the guys working there showed us funny youtube clips. What else can I say? Oh yeah, they let us bring in beer, and at the end of the night, they basically let us pay whatever amount of money we wanted! Of course, we didn't low ball them.I'm coming back for sure. The only reason I would avoid coming here is if I really wanted to go to a hookah LOUNGE, or somewhere that serves drinks.

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by jonathan r.

So it was time to replace the 20 year old plastic graffix house bong.  We needed to step into some 21st century hand blown shit and where better to fill that need than at Sunshine Coast?  (thanks YELP!)My hommie and I spent over half and hour checking out the wonderful selection of hand blown pieces.  After a few minutes of us looking around, the big bad retail man, Justin, opened up the glass cases and let us get our hands on some of the equipment.  To help us determine which bong we wanted to take home, Justin filled both of the bongs that we were considering with water and let us see how they would pull..... not bad huh?  Justin took the time to help us find the bong that we needed of our crib.  In the end he ended up changing the slide and bowl to better fit the bong that we were interested in.  Awesome shopping experience!!!  Good on ya Justin.  Go there and get your bong on... You'll be happy to find your local headshop!  All of the inventory is beautiful and of the highest quality.  You can't go wrong here.And.... there are Hookahs in back if that's to your likin....

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by Melanie N.Roy J.Vanessa E.Rie P.Alan S.

There are quite a few smoke shops in the Haight but this place really is a gem amongst rocks.Great place to smoke some hookah.  Owner is a cool, laid back gent and allows you to bring in alcohol from outside.  Chill vibe with music playing in the background.  Doesn't get too loud so it's great for conversations.Great selection of flavors and decently priced.  There's also quite a selection of smoking paraphernalia for those interested in bringing hookah home.Somehow I ended up becoming the mayor of this place on http://foursquare.com after only going there once.  Hope to go there again soon because I really enjoyed it!Elaine and I hella heart this shop! We get tons of shisha whenever we come here, and so far, we've bought about 10-12 cups of shisha in the matter of a month and a half. It's that damned good!The staff here knows their stuff. While we don't like the idea of their use of quick light coals (due to the magnesium content), they know how to keep the billows of smoke coming. They use a big ass blowtorch to light their coals. Then they pack the bowls, put the coal on top, and use this nifty handheld vacuum to get the shisha starting.They even watch you smoke and start new coals when needed. If the shisha is burning, they have you blow into the hose to clear the smoke, spray the foil with water to cool it off, then place the coal on top.Shisha goes for about $6 a cup. Hookahs run the gamut of prices. Don't know much about the pipes and other stuff, since hookah is the only real reason we go. Just wish they would sell more accessories, such as the diffusers they use, those little vacuums, and the spinning lazy Susan things.We will be back, and probably soon. You've got lifelong customers in Elaine and I!Who wants to hookah? if yes...this is the place! You can play with bubbles too...HOOKAH!!! SHISHA!!! I love this place!!! It's super cozy and comfotable to go to. There is usually a wait! It's well worth it though. The owner here is always very welcoming and even remembered us the 2nd time we went! I love this kind of place since it makes you feel right at "home" and not like you're just another customer.  They have a wall with all of their different flavors written, but we had to go with their house blend which was sweet and smelled great. YUM!! No alcohol served here, but they do have different non-alcoholic drinks sold. We've gone to a few other spots prior, but we've found our "regular spot" for sure.  Can't wait to go back!!I'm not a big time houkah smoker but I do enjoy it from time to time and this is my favorite houkah bar in town.  They don't serve food which is not that big a deal really.  The shisha is good, the people are friendly, and the atmosphere is chill.  Highly recommend for those times you are craving the sweet flavor of shisha...

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This place is by far one of the top 3 best beer bars in the San Francisco, period. Hands down the most awesome, friendly staff. Great food, plenty of room, and the beer...what else! Staff is very knowledgable and helpful when picking out new beers. I love the fact that you can get a great tasting beer for the same price as a Miller Lite.

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by Vanessa E.

Who wants to hookah? if yes...this is the place! You can play with bubbles too...

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by Kush M.

If you have been curious about smoking hookah no need to fear they will teach you everything you need to know! In fact it is quit simple.1. Pick a flavor 2. Watch them light it 3. Inhale!They have the greatest hookah selection and tobacco that goes along with it. The lava flavored tobacco is very strong and fruity it 's one of the popular flavors which the employees usually suggest. The employees are usually friendly and try to accommodate. They have a wide selection of hookahs and sell mini hookahs ($19.99) and larger ones $40-$100 for a decent price. The only con for me is the loud rap music playing while I smoke hookah. Otherwise, it is a great place to sit down with a couple of people and smoke.

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