in Seattle, WA

Majles Cafe

912c 12th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 218-8609


Coal: Golden Canary
Shisha: Al-Fakher, Al Amir, StarBuzz
Price Range: $$
Parking: Street
Credit Card: Yes
Outdoor Seating: No
Alcohol: None

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May 23, 2011
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by Ridwan Grimes

medinah is way better!

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by Charles S.

The nice thing about this place is that it's authentic Middle-Eastern.  People there are friendly.  You can feel that vibe.  It's kind of ghetto though.  Maybe that's part of its charm.  The menu was a computer print-out pasted on the back of a Dominos' Pizza box (no joke).  It's that ghetto.  The place looks really shady at night too.  It was kind of funny.WARNING: There's a $15 "membership" fee.  That's really lame.

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by Melissa T.

You know, it's not so bad being able to hang out at a hookah bar at 2 in the morning. Friendly staff, especially for how late it was. I have yet to go to on a night where there is a belly dancer though. Mango flavored tobacco is delicious, but don't smoke too often it is so bad for you! (:

January 15, 2010
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by mitchard

After not really having a hookah bar around here for quite some time, Arron (Silentbob) and I found out about Majles Cafe in Seattle.

All of the pipes they were serving up were KMs, witch KM hoses to go along. We were given what I believe was an Exotica (or something very similar in build. It was quite tall), while I saw a few Double Pears out there. They had a nice collection of 36" Ice hookahs too, but none were being used while we were there.

The menu is exclusively AF, though I did see some Al Amir tubs behind the counter. They used golden canary coals.

Overall, if was a decent bar. It was actually a pretty good experience. I would say the same I had back at the old Rabbit Hole here in Seattle, if not better. The guy running the place was pretty cool, though I think he might have been scamming us on the KM he was trying to sell us. Haha. Felt a little too hollow to me. He did offer us a suggestion on a great mix I would have never thought to try: Cafe Latte and Grape. It was delicious.

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by Winnie Y.

I hope Majles is not the only hookah bar left in Seattle.. I heard that in order to bypass Washington state law for smoking indoors, they have to charge a 'membership fee' so that it's a private club or something.  The membership fee was just $5, perhaps they have reduced it which is not too bad. They take credit cards which I find it surprising.This hookah place is set up like a (ghetto) fast food store. You go up to the counter, order what you want, grab a couple Sunny-D's from the fridge and go sit on one of the couches. They have soda in the fridge and coffee/tea. They offer free mix of tobacco and free self served coal refill.They serve Al Fakher tobacco which is what most hookah places serve. It's really cheap, about $3 per 50g so the cost is probably less than a $1 for each bowl. I find Al Fakher quite dry and it can get harsh easily. I personally prefer other brands when I smoke hookah at home. They charge you $18 per hookah, $7 for tobacco refills. I have yet to try the fruit shisha..Well, it's ghetto, shady, and my friend said it looked like a crime was gonna take place any minute. But I still think it's not so bad for a Wednesday night hang out spot. I'd go early (before 10:30pm) when it's not crowded on a weekday.P.S. smoking hookah is not healthier than smoking cigarettes : )

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by Winona R.

This hookah bar seems to be much the same as any hookah bar I have been to in Seattle. There are several garage-sale style couches and coffee tables that are slightly charred in places, and tons of college (in this case, SPU) students smoking hookah. This hookah bar has a good selection of flavors, although they are often out of flavors that I want to try. They also will serve the shisha in fruit (for instance, a watermelon, apple, orange, or pineapple) for $25, which looks tasty but was more money than I wanted to spend. I have my own hookah at home, but enjoy going out and getting a couple of hookahs with some friends. They play good hip-hop music, the place is always jam-packed (getting there early is advisable for larger groups), but sometimes they are kind of sheisty. The first time I was there, they insisted that our group of 6 people purchase two hookahs, because they don't allow so many people to share just one. I understand the idea behind that, but there was a group of people sitting next to us that were sharing just one and there were 7 of them--they were just pals of the employees. They are happy, however, to bring extra coals to you at no extra charge, though you generally have to ask for them yourself.

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by Arron M.

Went here the other night with a buddy. Being an avid hookah smoker, I was pretty happy here. They have a good assortment of shisha and comfortable couches. Plan on going back soon.

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