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October 14, 2011
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by Mr . Austin Martin

Puff N Stuff On High how perfect. If you havent been yet ,its worth the trip. Also a must see their west location by far the best I have been too.Happy Puffing

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by Chuck k.

As far as head shops go, this place is cool. The people that run it are friendly and willing to help. Just remember that all the smoking paraphernalia in the store is for tobacco use only. And they're quite serious about this.

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by Nathan L.

Puff and Stuff is good, but not great.  I don't even think they are on the high end of good...  Here's why.Hookah Tobacco:  They have very little of it and last time I was there they had two (2!) flavors.  And it was way too expensive.  Head to 1001 Nights on High St. near 4th ave if you are looking for good Hookah tobackie on the cheap.Glass selection:  Is OK, but all the same stuff is available at every head shop in C-bus, usually for less money than here.  And if I am not mistaken they do NOT carry a lot of the high end Glass-on-Glass stuff (Roor and their myriad of spin-offs).Don't get me wrong, this place is not bad at all.  They do have a TON of hippy accessories.  They are also about a block from 10,000  18 - 19 year old college frosh, and that crop gets refreshed every year when a new gaggle of pimples move in.  Bottom line, this place serves it's purpose and will continue to so for quite some time.

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by Nat M.

Very cool head-shop across the street from the south end of the OSU campus. They have everything....walls of water-pipes, regular pipes, incense, porn (DVD's only $15 which, if you're not keeping up, is cheap for new porn) and sex toys.Just be cool and don't ask where you can get some weed, mmmkay?

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by Lisa S.

Out of all the head shops around campus, this place is by far my favorite. It's laid back, chill, and has a very acute awareness of what the clientle wants and needs.Discount "pipes" (please don't say bong) are located on your left as you walk into the store, along with a wall full of incense to keep your place smell nice. Behind the counter is a wide array of glass water pipes, all of which are beautiful even if they aren't very useful. Under the glass counter you can spot multitudes of smaller pipes, many hand blown. It kinda sucks that you have to crouch down to look at all of it, but you'll want to search for that perfect piece.Puff N Stuff not only has your smoking devices covered, but they also sell a wide array of hippie friendly clothing and gifts.But what is drugs and rock n roll without sex? Don't worry, Puff N Stuff has a small but substantial stock of sex toys and sex related merchandise, though I would say most of it is on the novelty side.

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by Matthew B.

Is Puff 'N' Stuff the perfect head shop? Possibly. Does it sell every conceivable item you could smoke your favorite tobacco out of? Certainly. Does it carry a wide array of incense? Check. What about hippy clothing, Bob Marley posters and blacklights? Check.But then throw in the section of suggestive toys and scatological novelties of the sort you'd buy in the naughty section of Spencer's Gifts in the mall. And then throw in the somewhat impressive collection of porn DVDs, sex toys and couples' gifts. Puff 'N' Stuff is all about great deals, with cheap, plastic bongs (I mean water pipes) always on hand for anyone who really needs to pound some tobacco quickly on the cheap. The staff is friendly if a bit uneven; some of the staff are super helpful and friendly and some are just plain spaced out, which fits the mold but doesn't always make for the best customer service.Let's leave it at this in the spirit of personal privacy: I visit here often, and I always walk out happy- if not as happy as I will be when I get home.

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