in Tempe, AZ


505 South Mill Avenue
Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 784-6700


Hour: 10AM - 3AM
Music: Live DJ
Food: Mediterranean
Parking: Yes
Credit Card: All
Outdoor Seating: Yes
Alcohol: Yes

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June 18, 2010
Rating: Hookah_no_voteHookah_no_voteHookah_no_voteHookah_no_voteHookah_no_voteHookah_no_voteHookah_no_voteHookah_no_voteHookah_no_voteHookah_no_vote

If you want great service, try somewhere else by Nicole

I really enjoy the location and vibes of this lounge. However I have ordered hookah 3 times from this location about 2-3 months apart and have yet to have a good experience. The first time our hookah took 45 minutes to prepare and was the wrong flavor. They forgot to put a coal on the top and charged us again for a second coal.. when we never received a first. The second time took over an hour after we ordered and I asked for a refund so I could leave. They refused but the hookah was still not ready. The third, and final time that I will return to this establishment, our hookah took 40 minutes and was, again, the wrong flavor. They did remember the coal this time. I, for the life of me, cant figure out why it takes them so long to set up a hookah. Every other hookah establishment in Tempe that I have been to is able to get an order to a table in under 15 minutes. But if time was the only problem I would not mind, its the rude response I get from the server that is the deal breaker. To every query they respond rudely about it being a long process to make a hookah and it will come out when they are ready.

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