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King Hookah Smoking Lounge Reviews

July 27, 2014
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Shitty Hookah by Jimmy

Thought my friends and I could try a new hookah bar so we went on a Saturday night and the cost between 3 people was over $50. What a rip off😠 never going back..

March 17, 2014
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Satisfied by Pirate Diver

I am glad to have found this place. We were looking for a hookah for quite some time. We were very impressed by their selection and amount of different hookahs they have. Kristine was a big help getting us started and set up with everything we needed. We didn't stay to see what the whole cafe was about, but will probably go back to eat and hang out. Overall it was a great shopping/learning experience. We thank the people there for taking the time to help us and recommend our purchase. We will definitely be back.

September 25, 2013
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customer by an old regular about everyone knew.

The owners cause allot of drama and when my brother and I informed them we wanted no contact with them; they then threatened our lives and one even bottled to assault us. Then over the course of the summer one of the owners saw my fiancé and I driving south bound on market street and he then shouted at us from his black land rover and drove aggressively against us before turning off. That is just one of our encounters with these people outside of the hookah cafe. So a note of advice to smokers Do Not Anger these people even if you have beeb wronged as they are dangerous...so just leave a do not go back and contact the authorities if anything like this happens to you.

If that isn't enough to keep you away then what I am about to write should ,the unwashed hookahs, and non-washable hoses in circulation for years, the dirty hookah water, and the botled waters they give mandatory actually will cost you even if you don't want it in favor of another drink; I must say that is terrible business and very sneaky; and also the owner ordered the old waitress to fill a hookah with one flavor and tell the customer it was what they ordered when in truth it was not. I post this out of moral obligation and concern for the public good.

June 09, 2013
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Good place by Jess

Good flavor and fun times, I just waited a while that's all. Fun fun fun!

June 09, 2013
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Not happy by Nop

I got a hookah it was horribly made and I still got charged for another bowl when it was fixed. This is one way to not satisfy a customer

January 10, 2013
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What a joke - for November 2012 by Anonymous girl

I was there for about 4 hours that being sat it was a Saturday night... The owner from what I seen of her was very sassy, I over heard an argument and she was a bit over dramatic... I guess some regulars said she fights with a lot of people. But the big problem was this coal girl she was young like 18, very 2 faced and not pleasant. Don't remember her name I think I heard her being called Alexis or Alice, Alisha , what ever. The people that were in there seemed cool though, the only good thing I can say, good hookah flavor I had this starbuzz flavor and the DJ was a very sweet nice guy. Hire better people and not these young sassy stuck up 2 faced girls!

September 11, 2012
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by Brooke Beatty

I think that if you say it opens at 3pm you should open at 3pm I waited an hour and still nothing! Very disappointed!

April 28, 2012
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Loveee by SpecialApple

I found that this hookah bar was a find. It's a nice and calm hang out during the week and a great place to have fun on the weekend. Friday dance nights and Saturday karaoke. Other comments said the hookah are over priced but they seem fine to me 10$ for something basic that huts good isn't bad at all. The service is great ive never had a bad visit. The workers are funny and are awesome company. I would go all the time. And to address the hidden fees its clearly posted that there ate cover charges on the weekend and for extra things besides your hookah. I think ignorance has led to bitter feelings. A GREAT place to go. I recommend it.

April 28, 2012
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by Angel

I was there for the week days specials it was awsome. the people there are very nice and quick there is nothing to complain about. Very much would go back

March 15, 2012
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question by Lanazia!

i wanted to know can i throw my birthday BASH at your place ?

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by Lana H.

I came here for the first time on, I believe, the 10th of September with a few friends. It was "Dance Night," and the DJ chose excellent songs--not just Top 40 crap. You could even put in requests. For our hookah, we got the "Skittles" flavor, which actually was amazing! I definitely recommend it. It also lasted for a good 2 hours. 1 star off for the coal girl--her game was definitely off. Also, the indoor crowd seemed way too Ohio for me. 15-year-old goth girls, way-too-high Jesus types. You know. Overall, as long as I have the right people with me, I'll go again when I'm visiting the family.

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