in Falls Church, VA

Skyline Cafe

3821 S George Mason Dr
Falls Church, VA 22041
(703) 820-0240

Price Range: $$
Credit Card: Yes
Outdoor Seating: No
Alcohol: Full Bar

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by A B.

Gotta love this strip mall.I tend to judge Ethopian food by it's kitfo. And yeah, I go gangsta and get it raw. Raw, son. That's how you gotta do it.Anyway, this place had decent kitfo. Not as good as some of the spots on 9th in DC, but definitely  some of the better I've had in NoVA. But this was ok, because their other dishes (we also ordered a vegetarian platter sort of thing) were very good. The atmosphere is beyond interesting, and I'm loving how they decorate their bar area. It's kind of dark and rustic...but I like it. The location is great (not too far from 395 right between Rt. 7 and Seminary), and as far as Ethopian in VA goes...this is one of your better options.Relax the itis away afterward with a nice smoke at one of the many hookah bars lining the little strip malls, or hit up some of the stores and buy your own hookah and shisha and do the damn thang at home yourself.

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by Airielle H.

I ate here for lunch with an Ethiopian first-timer. I asked the waitress for some recommendations and she really wasn't that helpful. The food was excellent. Also, it was very affordable. I will definitely go back soon.

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by Ed S.

In the old days, one had to trek to Adams Morgan or 9th Street to find good Ethiopian.  Those days have changed, and now it is possible to get tasty and cheap Ethiopian food right in NoVa.Skyline Cafe is nestled in a little ethnic strip mall right off Route 7.  It is surrounded by shisha bars, Arabic restaurants, and African stores -- the vibe is definitely international all around.The cafe itself consists of a bar area where Ethiopian locals congregate for a drink and a smoke, along with a long dining area populate by small tables.  The food served constitutes all of the usual Ethiopian dishes one can find at other such restaurants in the area.  I found the dishes to be tasty and frankly less greasy than those at some of the spots on 9th street.  With entree prices hovering around $10-$12, the value is great here!  The atmosphere is cozy -- nothing gimmicky or special -- just a comfortable place for a solid, casual meal at an unbeatable price.  If you love Ethiopian food and live in Northern Virginia, Skyline Cafe is a must.

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by M L.

Thank you Yelpers for directing me to this place!! I used to live very close to this little shopping center, and thought I'd never have a reason to go in. WRONG. Skyline Cafe is now my go-to Ethiopian place. I no longer have to go to DC to get some good Ethiopian food. I went last Friday for lunch. The bartender/waitress was very friendly and tended to me right away. I sat in the higher bar tables near the front of the neat, small, but not cramped, place.I got the lentil sambusa which was flavorful with a nice wrapper. The wrapper was thicker than I've had at other places, but it was good - and the sambusa was unusually large. I got the veggie platter and loved all of it. The collards actually had flavor here, and the lentils had some kick. The potato "salad" and the other green salad was delicious. Throughout the meal, my waitress was attentive, filling my glass when I needed it, replacing my napkins, etc. It was a perfectly pleasant lunch. I already told others, so we could go back together :)

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