in Warner Robins, GA

Shahenshah Diner

2028 Watson Blvd
Warner Robins, GA 31093
(478) 322-3737

Price Range: $$
Parking: Private Lot
Credit Card: Yes
Outdoor Seating: No

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by nate s.

Greek? Italian? Middle Eastern? Indian? This place is totally schizo. Their menu is larger then War and Peace with the only general consensus being that stuff should be grouped together by area of origin. Not a horribly bad idea until you realize that means there are 4 pages of appetizers flanked and stuffed between entrees and deserts. How is it possible for one chef to be proficient at so many different cuisines? I'll answer that for you, he's not. Parking is in the back to help hide the identity of those wanting to dine here. I've heard of the occasional belly dancing going on here.

May 18, 2011
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by Real good

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by Laurie C.

I love Shahenshah's and dine there regularly, particularly during their lunch buffet.  I WOULD go more often but hubby is not often in the mood for foreign food.  My daughter loves to go there to watch and dance with the bellydancer they have on Friday and Saturday nights- I've taken her and several of her friends (5-6 year olds) and they always have a blast!  It's very family-oriented and for those folk that think bellydancers are barely more than artsy stripteasers, they have a lot to learn.  I had a LOL moment reading one of the earlier reviews because the bellydancer she was most likely talking about was actually a delightful 10 year girl who takes a variety of dance styles very seriously!

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by jake S.

I was born in England, grew up eating curry and Indian food. When I moved to Warner Robins, the first thing I looked for was an Indian Restaurant. Thank goodness for Shahenshah. My wife love to go for the buffet and enjoy the various flavors the restaurant offers; from Indian to Greek. We've tried a lot of the menu items, and if we didn't know anything we asked the VERY friendly and always helpful wait staff. The food is always served hot (temperature) and very pleasing to see. The buffet starts at around 11:00AM to 3:00 PM M-SUN. You can choose Indian or mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant is always clean, presentable and the booths are big.There are two side rooms you can book for parties that are semi-authentic; Indian style eating with couches, over-sized pillows and music. We like to have birthday parties inside these rooms, gives a more personal experience. The belly dancing is incredible. I believe she is there on Friday and Saturday nights. Well worth going on an evening; she will entertain and educate you on the marvels of belly dancing. Now to the food; order something out of the box - go for Korma, masla, vindaloo (it's hot, you've been warned); and experience the food dance on your tongue. The rice is nice, the price is also. So for a multi-cultured city, take a step into Shahenshah and into the world of Indian Cuisine.

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by Rhi G.

I gave this place five stars, because as multicultural diners go, it is the best. Yes, they have an extensive and perhaps mildly confusing menu, but it's all good, so to speak, and some of it is great.Recommended: anything from the Indian portion of the menu. Chicken Tikka Masala is excellent, and the Chicken Korma is divine. If you enjoy the blend of sweet and spicy test out the korma with a peshwari naan...delicous coconutty, raisiny goodness with a perfect heat if you order medium spice. From the Greek/Mediterranean menu: the hummus was good, and the grapeleaves were pretty nice as well...but I'm spoiled by my boyfriend's mother's grapeleaves so nothing ever really compares. Baklava is also good, but they don't make it there, it's delivered from elsewhere.Go with an appetite, a friend, or expect to leave with a takeout box.  Portions are large enough to split, especially if you order an app or a side. On weekdays, they have a buffet. I have beef with buffets in general but I have perused theirs and they have a nice bit of everything represented, and the spread rotates daily. Fridays are chicken tikka--a bargain because the yoghurt-marinated meats cost more ordered a la carte.Decor is cute and a little eclectic. There are private nooks and hookahs, not sure how their rental system works. Deepak and the others are very kind and polite. Service is prompt, attentive and friendly. Check it out!

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by Derek C.

I went here for their lunch buffet, and had a pretty nice time. The buffet consisted of about 8 main dishes, rice, some bread, and a salad bar. I don't really know what's on the salad bar because I mostly ignore them.This was my first time eating Indian food, and the first thing I noticed was that many of the dishes were made with yogurt. Those dishes had a tart taste I wasn't expecting. I'm not used to it, but I definitely don't hate it, and I'll have to try it again. I found that mixing most of the dishes with rice and/or eating them with the bread was better than eating any of the items individually.Also, when leaving the restaurant, I noticed they had a couple of those small rooms like you see in some movies. The ones where you sit around a small, low table -- I'd like to experience that with a group. And don't let the front of the restaurant fool you -- there is another entrance in the back that is wheelchair accessible, not to mention a larger parking lot back there.I'm definitely going to have to try this place out again.

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by Tasha A.

So I'll definitely go back!  I tried Shahenshah Diner last night for the first time.  I am a huge fan of Indian food I will say that I'm pretty impressed with the food.  I ordered Chicken Tikka Masala mild, but should have ordered medium the mild was way too mild, but still tasty nonetheless!  I'm happy that there's finally a decent Indian restaurant in WR, bout time!

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by Travis B.

macon/warner robbins surprisingly, has it's fair share of indian diners. we tried this place with a couple from work and weren't disappointed. their menu is huge and if you get confused, just ask the waiter. it's easier than trying to guess and be disappointed. i won't try to name what we had to eat, only that it was delicious. it was from the vegetarian portion of the indian menu, and we had our standard regular and garlic naan bread. always, always get naan....it's delicious even by itself. our friends chose "hot" while we chose "medium" and for my palate, the hot was superbly hot. the wait staff was friendly and not overbearing, some nice bollywood music in the background, and the prices are great. the only disappointment was the baklava for desert. although it was tasty, it was more chewy than i'm use to, but i'd probably still get it again because baklava is so tasty anyway. good bang for the buck. check this place out.

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by Jessica H.

This diner looks nice. They have good food, not awesome, but good. But they served us a lassi made with sour milk. That's bad. I pointed it out and they brought me a new one, which tasted right. It took forever to make the simple drink though. The menu is repetitive. One dish (I wish I remembered the name) showed up on the menu three times. At least it had the same price each time. We were seated in a cornere booth. When the waiter brought a booster for my daughter, I told him she falls out of those, and asked for a high chair. He either misunderstood, or forgot about it, because I had to ask another waitress for the high chair. After that, service was slow for us, while the people around us were waited on constantly. It was as if the waiter and waitress couldn't decide who was in charge of our table, so neither did. It took a long time to get anything ordered, not to mention get the check and to-go boxes so we could get out of there. Plus, the waiter didn't seem to understand english very well. They get one bonus point for having a belly dancer perform and get the kids involved. The dancer said she does that to make the point that this is a famiy place. She was really good with the kids. My daughter had a blast. They lose the point because she was definietly a novice, plus I couldn't quite make out whether she was under or over 18. she still wore braces. Wow, I was going to give the place three stars, but after reading my own review over, it only sounds like a two star place. Too bad. The food - except for the lassi - was good.

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