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Cedar's Market

13 Cottage St E
Norwood, MA 02062
(781) 769-8855


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Parking: Street
Credit Card: Yes

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by tom k.

There is almost nothing here that you would find in a normal supermarket, and that's OK by Me !  It is exactly what makes it a very good ethnic market ( Lebanese / Middle Eastern / Mediterranean ).Things I love about this market:Cheap Chicken and Beef Sharwarma sandwiches, the best in the area.  Perfect for lunch.The best rice and lentils I have had, with caramelized onions on top.  Makes a great meal with tabouleh and kafta.Reasonably priced Olive Bar.Fresh ground beef, lamb, homemade sausages, and marinated meats.Interesting Mediterranean cheeses (kept in liquid similar to fresh mozzarella).One of the best things is that it's authentic; it feels foreign when you enter the doors.  The market is run by a nice Lebanese family who is always there working, willing to explain things, and treat regulars as friends.

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by Jim W.

Actually 3.5 stars.  This is a great little neighborhood market-awesome olives, pastries, fresh meats, vegetables, spices and other stuff.  This place should be on your radar if you live or work in the area.I like that the people here can tell you about the foods, preparation, origins, etc.

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by Leon B.

It's not everyday that you can get a hookah at the grocery store. Cedar's is on my regular shopping rounds now. First I replenish my supply of olive oil - (they often know the person who made it in Lebenon). Then I go to the olive bar where they offer a half dozen or so types of olives (my kids can easily tell the difference between the taste of these vs. Star  Market's offering).  After that I just wonder the isles - they have so many exotic items including wines from the southern Mediterranean, all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, meat, and cheeses.   They also have sandwiches, meat pies and delicious desserts. They can also provide catering for parties which worked out great for my Greek father-in-law's birthday.

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by Jasmine E.

I give this place 3 stars just for the food. For those who like or want to try lebanese food, they have different kinds of sandwiches, small plates and appetizers. The shawarma is REAL shawarma and not what they sell at Moody's wannabe falafel. What I really liked was their Sujouk which is spicy lamb (or was it beef? one of those) sausage and they grill it and you add your own ingredients. I put this garlic paste looking sauce, pickled radish, a mixture of onions and parsley with salt,pepper and light spices, pickles. They have meat pies and spinach pies, very tasty. They also have a big selection of arab/lebanese pastries and desserts. Try the baklava, hareesa, qatayef (if they have it) and the getto (sp?) that's just cake but for some reason they call it that, i think its french.

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by Danielle M.

What CAN'T you find in here?? If you have a car, drive. If you don't, take the commuter rail. Whether you come with a list or not, be prepared to find a selection of goodies only a true Lebanese grocer could have. My love for this place stems from the cleanliness of it's aisles. Everything is organized, everything in it's place. They have a very good selection of Lebanese and Armenian wines, a vast array of delectable desserts (you name it, and it's THERE), and a curious housewares/cosmetic section that will have a unique find once in a while. The butcher is awesome, and will make you the freshest kibbe nayye you've had in your life. The soujouk is sooo good. The shish taouk is probably the best I've ever had. And all of this can be sold by the pound or the kilo, for those of you who care. Jars filled with makdous, pickled labneh and zaatar, halawa (even CHOCOLATE, OMG!), and several kinds of foul. On Sundays they have outrageous, fresh knefe and decent shawarma sandwiches. If anything else, the one thing that will bring me back is the mouth-watering rendition they've conjured of a thing known as toum (GET IT. NOW.).

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by D V.

We purchased some food here for a take-out dinner.  Because we do not know much about Middle-Eastern cuisine, we had plenty of questions, and the employes at this family-run market were patient and took the time to answer our questions in a friendly manner.  Most importantly, all of the food that we ordered was DELICIOUS.  We plan to return to Cedar's Market many more times!

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