in Louisville, KY

Cafe 360

1582 Bardstown Rd
Louisville, KY 40205
(502) 473-8694


Price Range: $$
Parking: Street
Credit Card: Yes
Outdoor Seating: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar

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March 05, 2011
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Friday night by BIll

The store bought hummas is better and the pita chips here are hard like the bagged stuff from the store... The hookahs they have are horrible and held together with electrical tape. You will leave wig a sore throughout with their barely a water chamber pipes. The atmosphere is like a dive bar with fake hookahs and pricey flavors. Dislike.

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by J. J. D.

Wandered in here after checking out Pita Hut for lunch and the man behind the counter said, "Hope you find some place cheaper." Cafe 360 is cheaper and I enjoyed the food, too. Unfortunately, we were in a hurry, which is a no no here (read other reviews)! This is the first time in a long time I've seen a Monte Cristo on a menu, so even though the 24/7 breakfast menu (burrito) looked appetizing, I had to see how their MC measured up to my mom's. Quite delicious, and of course I asked for syrup to eat with it.Doubt this place will be my hangout, though. Not the best atmosphere and booth conditions are ratty. The restroom smelled nasty.

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by Ryan C.

Interesting place to go.  They are located on the Bardstown Road and Alta, where I have seen restaurants open and close in a matter of moths.  I think that staying open 24 hours has saved them from the demise of others that have been in this spot before. There is definately a variety of different foods on the menu that you will find.  Since there is a connection with Kashmir and Cafe 360, you find similar Indian Items on the menu.   The food isn't bad.  It's not anything to go jump up and down about.  Most of the time, it takes forever for the food to come out...even when it's slow.  I could take or leave the Hookah smoking.  In tradition of keeping Bardstown original and following "Keep Louisville Weird" slogan, I am glad they are there.. keeping the dwindling Bardstown Road character alive.

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by Becky N.

I've eaten here twice for breakfast. The food is good. The service is too slow. But, like I said, the food is good. Good place to go as long as you aren't in a hurry.

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by Sarah F.

How do you rate some place after you were wasted when you ate there? I s'ppose it'll have to be a delirious drift of a review-- similar to my state of mind when visiting Cafe 360.Picture this:It's Halloween night.I've been out at a concert drinking Kentucky bourbon.I'm dressed as Indiana Jones, the female version.We order a hookah with vanilla/strawberry combo.I don't know why I ever smoke the hookahs...'specially after drinking bourbon all night.  It made me feel even sicker.Ordered a couple of the vegetarian items:  *grilled veggie sandwich (was O.K., save for the PROVEL cheese they poured over the top of it)   *Can't remember the other one.    *All I know is that the sandwich came with fried green tomatoes, and even though I'm not from the south, my home cooked fried green tomatoes are better than these.  They tasted like poor little overcooked hockey pucks.      They had a trivia contest while we were there and gave away free shit from the menu (that was pretty cool).    They have a rockabilly feel (that's pretty cool too)

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by Jim G.

Cafe 360 is one of those places that's not as good as it sounds at first--unless you're in the 0400 breakfast set. Which is cool for a town to have and essential to having a scene I'm more than too old to be in, smile. However, the hookah smoking doesn't match well with the food. I had a couple good breakfasts here when the smokers were all asleep.

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by Paul B.

I am from Cincinnati, and maybe it's because the Hookah bars we have are that much better, or Cafe360 is just that bad.  My experiences have been horrid there.I understand the smoking law in Louisville, and I get the whole must purchase a food item along with the hookah, but still...Essentially what I'm getting at is, here in Cincinnati, 4 people to a Hookah, okay, free coals until the tobacco runs out, then refills are available.  At 360 you have to pay for a new hookah every time your coal runs out, AND it is expensive.  My friend and I went and both spend about $14 because we also had to tip.As opposed to the $8 each of us could have paid in Cincinnati with a tip included.By the way, the place is TINY, and is always packed, so wait forever, be cramped, spend a fortune. Not my cup of tea.

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by Megan M.

I've had some bad food experiences at 360, but I still go back because they almost always have good food (besides that one time).  The atmosphere is groovy.  The menu has a lot of different and unique items on it.  It's worth going to every once in a while.

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by Mary R.

I couldn't categorize Cafe 360 because their menu is so eclectic. They try to summon an India-esque ambiance inside with music and a few knickknacks, but the truly hideous paintings on the wall and the not-kitschy, just-gross tables destroy any attempt at atmosphere. However: it is open 24 hours a day, and conveniently located in the Highlands, so it has become a reliable 4:30 am stop once the bars close. The food is hit or miss, but there's a pretty easy heuristic to follow if you want someting good: eat the Indian food. The samosas are delicious and the Kathi rolls are dreamy. Bypass anything in the way of a diner standard like grilled cheese, fries, or mac 'n' cheese--they are subpar. (Hit up Twig 'n' Leaf or Barbara Lee's if that need strikes in the middle of the night.) The fried green tomatoes were unexpectedly delightful, though.The huge, huge downside of this place is that it is part hookah lounge, which essentially means you have to enjoy your food next to a bunch of high schoolers thinking they're getting high off tobacco flavored with things more appropriately found in a bag of Skittles. Grape or strawberry, delish. It is kind of funny watching the kids hold it in and inevitably burst into a coughing fit.

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by erin r.

We went here during Lebowskifest weekend mainly because we'd been once before on a previous trip and there were outside tables.Here's a tip - if you are interested in eating and are starving, do not sit outside. Our server tipped us off that the inside tables get priority over the outside tables, so you will wait for an eternity. We did. It bit. The food is an eclectic mix of Indian and diner food, pretty affordable overall. I am kicking myself for not having Indian since everyone says its so good, but what we had was pretty unremarkable - Veggie Clubs and fries. We devoured everything because we were starving when we got there and then waited on top of that.24 Hour availability is a serious draw, though, and in a pinch I'd probably end up here again.

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