in Louisville, KY

The Falafel House

1001 Bardstown Road
Louisville, KY 40257
Price Range: $
Credit Card: Yes
Outdoor Seating: Yes
Alcohol: Beer Wine Only

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by molly c.

I love this little place due to price and decent food.  The falafel is good, better then most in Louisville; but the best thing is their Lentil Soup!  Also, unlike the packed, terrible food and service that Cafe 360 offers, The Falafel House offers Hookahs with varied flavors.  Their food is not gourmet, but it is cheap and healthier than fast food!

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by Jeff S.

We went here for dinner.  I was quite unimpressed.  It was cheap.  I had better falafel at Shiraz by tenfold.  The three of us ordered a falafel sandwich and an order of fries each.  I do give them a plus for having Hunts katsup which I haven't seen in years.  The fries were good but seemed to be cheap frozen fries.  The falafel was mediocre.  However it was only about $5 a person so what can you expect.I wouldn't suggest going here .... look elsewhere for better falafel.

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by Magen M.

There have been at least a couple other restaurants at this location serving similar food.  With each reincarnation they get better.  This isn't the best place for Mediterranean, but it's still good.  Especially since it's ridiculous cheap. Their namesake isn't the best thing on the menu though.  It would be more fitting to call them the hummus house.  It's definitely the best thing on the menu. The grape leaves are good too.  As far as their meat dishes go my fiance likes the shawarma.  Steer clear of the baba ghanoush. It was stringy and tasteless.

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