in Royal Oak, MI

Beirut Palace

105 S Main St
Royal Oak, MI 48067
(248) 399-4600

Price Range: $$
Parking: Street
Credit Card: Yes
Outdoor Seating: Yes
Alcohol: None

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by Roanne S.

I live within walking distance of Beirut Palace, and would love to give them my business.  They have great food.  But, as almost every other reviewer here has said, their service is absolutely horrible.  I've been there three times, and there is no way I can justify ever going back, no matter how great the food.  Businesses that care so little about the service they provide diners in their restaurant don't deserve my custom.

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by Parisa K.

Personally, I enjoy Beirut Palace.  I like most of the food I've gotten from there.  I felt like the falafel was a little dry (though falafel is often a little dry), but I love the hummus.  They really have good hummus.  I also like the fact that they have hookahs.  I admit that it's a little weird to sit around and order a meal and a hookah in the same spot, but it's still fun.  You don't have to do both together if you don't want.  But the location is definitely a nice place to sit outside, smoke a hookah, and enjoy downtown Royal Oak.

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by Eric P.

Believe it or not, I actually had a good experience here.  Yes, I've heard the story about them being racist many times.  But, I didn't experience any of that.The year after I graduated from college, I met one of my old professors here for lunch on a Saturday afternoon.  We received very good service, and the food was excellent.  I had no complaints and would gladly go back here again.

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by Joe T.

This place is horrible. One time when they told us they don't serve hookah after 10pm, my girlfriend said "shut up, no way!", and the Arabic guy at the register was like, "I would never let a girl talk to me like that!" I stuck up for her telling him that it's an American phrase of disbelief. He continues arguing for 1-2 minutes and then proceeded to tell us "get out of here, we don't serve your kind." I was in disbelief that this ARABIC immigrant; well post Civil War, post 9/11, would say that to us. I should complain about them to the BBB.Let's get to the food. The hummous and shawarma sandwiches here are overpriced, dry and bland. Just horrible. Metro-Detroit is known for high quality Arabic food. This was about as good as Arabic food would get in Mexico.The hookah is overpriced at $20! Ridiculous - and they don't even use Starbuzz - the best kind of hookah tobacco. I asked them and they said "it's the best kind." I asked them to show me the packaging to it - it was some no name generic stuff. No surprise there - they buy tobacco for a few bucks, then charge $20 a hookah - when each tower itself could sell for $40. Money hungry bastards. I went to Adonis, a poshy hookah/music cafe in Dearborn. Nice seating, 3.5 star service, live music, belly dancing, and serves alcohol all on weekends - and even there Starbuzz top quality hookah was $16.99/tower. So where does this hole in the wall come off charging $20/hookah!?!?!This is a racist establishment, over priced, sells bland food, and did I mention they are Arabic racists? Go figure. The waiters/waitresses are OK but the upper management/staff are despicable. Avoid this place at all costs.For a good hookah/food experience with great products and fair "you get what you pay for pricing," go to 360 Lounge or Sinbad in Dearborn. And if its a Friday or Saturday night go to Adonis in Dearborn. Great places!

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by Michael C.

Beirut Palace is small, but a pleasant place just across the street from the Main Art Theatre. Firstly, yes the service is slow. And actually I paid attention the last time I was in BP and it makes perfect sense; I realized that any time I've been there, there was only a few waiters on staff, and sometimes only one. So though I do take off one star for slower service, it's with the understanding that even the best waiters can't manage a whole restaurant with a skeleton crew.And if you're anything like me, not having a waiter coming up to the table every 5 minutes is welcome since I'm usually with a group of people that wants to talk a lot. All the food I've gotten here has been delicious; the hummous is great (and there's a definite art to making it, no matter what anyone tells you!), the chicken and lamb are perfect, and the portions are good. Because of the location you're looking to spend a little more than usual for certain dishes, but if you're in downtown Royal Oak, there's really no other place that does what BP does better. I'd suggest getting a table on the patio and a hookah to go along with your meal. It really makes for a nice experience.

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by Jenn S.

I have to pretty much agree with most of the reviews. I live in Royal Oak, not too far from this place and sadly, I wish it was better. I admit, growing up in Dearborn completely spoiled my palate and set my standards unbelievably high for Middle Eastern food. I was utterly dissapointed and disgusted at the dried on the plate hummus we were served, not to mention it was covered with cayenne pepper. What the...? Next lets move on to the wilted, withered and brown fattoush salad that was mixed with mushed out tomatoes, wrinkled cucumbers and dressed with what tasted like water and red wine vinegar. My husband actually spit some into his napkin. When I pointed the rotting vegetation out to the waiter, he smirked and said "that is how our salad is today". I am not risking another bad salad day at this place. Yucky, icky and gross.

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by Marc A.

I split a sampler and piled everything I could into my mouth because it was taaaasty.  Service was not so taaaasty, however.  Why? Why? Why do I have to drink from a six-ounce glass of water?  I felt a strong urge to demand that the neighboring table allow me to take a pull off their hookah.  It is good location for people watching and sitting outside though.

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by Tim E.

All around bad experience. The food was dry, over cooked and over priced.  Bypass this place at all costs!! When it was pointed out how dry the food was, even burnt, the waitress walked off in disgust ignoring us for the rest of our visit!! GACK!! I must admit, if I could give even less stars I would have. I would rate this a minus 5!! Gack!!

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by Elizabeth C.

The food here is mediocore.  I'm a vegetarian, so I can't speak on the dishes containing meat.  As for the veggie dishes, everything I've had is just ok.  The reason why I gave this place 3 stars is because (1) it's open fairly late (midnight on weekdays; 1:00 am on weekends) and I'd rather eat a mediocore falafel sandwhich than taco bell, jimmy john's or leo's (unless I'm really drunk); and (2) location +  abundance of outdoor seating--prime people watching spot in the warmer months--who cares about the food when you can just sit, chill and check out all the people walking by?

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by Michael A.

We tried to return the overcooked and unfresh fish and the waitress went into a huff. The cook came out and argued with us that, no, the fish is not dry. I didn't bother telling him that my shish tarwook chicken was also very dry. The point is, never argue with a customer. He ended up charging us for the fish. SKIP THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS!

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