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Arabic Bazaar Beyond

5013 Duval St
Austin, TX 78751
(512) 533-9227


Price Range: $$
Credit Card: Yes

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by Logan Y.

An interesting little specialty shop in the middle of an interesting little shopping center.  It's filled with all sorts of Arabic items ranging from incense to clothing to hookahs.  They also teach belly dancing classes several times a week.  I don't purchase much here aside from sheesha for my hookah, but it is a lot of fun to wander around and browse.  If you are looking for a unique gift or want to learn belly dancing, this is definitely a place to check out.

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by John E.

I found the perfect necklace for someone here, so it has a special place in my heart.  There was low to no pressure from the friendly staff.  Huge range in price and style of jewelry.  My favorites use antique beads.The clothing is unique; like Logan says, it is fun to browse.

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by Erica V.

Arabic Bazaar- It's fun to spend a half hour or so looking through the beautiful things in the shop. It's so cramped in there and everything is so pricey that I'm scared to break something and have to buy it. So, no bulky clothes or purses/bags for me in here. I also love spending some time trying on the really expensive belly dance components in the little back storage room they have. I could never justify spending any money here, but they do sell Roman shisha which is my favorite. This portion of the shop gets 2 stars from me. Beyond- I took a few of her belly dance classes and it's so high energy, so fun, and so welcoming. There are ladies of many ages and sizes... my only huge qualm is that they really should limit the class to a sign up. When I pay $13-15/class and arrive early I don't think it's fair to all her students to cramp us in there where we barely have room to fully enjoy the class. I would come back if I was assured that there would be ample room to stretch out your arms. I love the class (5 star) hate that there is no limit (-1star) so that's a 4 star.Average of 2 star + 4 star= 3 star

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by Susie G.

I came to this store for a Christmas bazaar and to look for  a necklace as a present. The Arabic Bazaar has alot of interesting ( but pricey) jewelry, belly dancing clothing and perfumey oils. Everything is on the pricey end. We stayed to see the show ( they had a free belly dance show for the Xmas bazaar event.) I was annoyed because the show was supposed to start at 2, but we waited and waited and waaaaited. After asking like 4 times when the show was going to start it finally did ( after 2:30) and it was OK, but I wasn't too impressed. All in all, this place is all right for specialty items, but I prolly wont go back again.

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by Gilda H.

I'm not reviewing the actual store but Zein's Bellydancing lessons held in the back room of her store are the BEST!  She's a great teacher with a lot of patience and it's a whole lot of fun.

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by abder C.

best teacher, best music, best classes of Belly dance!!!

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by Michelann Q.

The store has some cool stuff, though the markup is considerable. For belly dance supplies, better to look online. I studied belly dance with Zein for several years. Her classes are fun and fast-paced, she's especially good for beginners who don't want to be intimidated and want a fun workout. Her classes are all "drop in" format, which means you don't have to sign up for a series. She sells class cards, much like YogaYoga. For convenience and location, she can't be beat. I also often recommend her to beginning students who  want to get their feet wet and decide if belly dance is for them.On the con side, she hawks her wares (belly dance belts) to her students, and all coin belts have a tendency to shed beads and coins. So if you're dancing barefoot, you're going to step on one in her studio. Ow. She also starts late sometimes, and will spend more time than is necessary talking, sometimes disparagingly about other teachers in town. She also actively discourages her students from studying elsewhere, which is a shame, since Austin has many wonderful dance teachers. When I was studying, she did not teach zills ( finger cymbals) or veil, which are pretty standard components of American belly dance.I recommend Zein's classes for beginners, and those who want to get an authentic sense of how people dance socially in the middle east. But for the more avid belly dancer or advanced student I recommend trying several of the other teachers in town as well, particularly Z-Helene at ACC, Stacy at Tapestry, Melissa at Diva Dance, and Bahaia at Body Business.

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by Autumn C.

So I have this thing for Belly Dancing....or belly dancers, whatever it may be. I just love it. I recently took a Belly Dancing class at the Arabic Bazaar and loved it. It was a beginners class and it kicked my hiney! I thought I had the whole shimmy thing down but I was WRONG! The class was awesome and I cant wait to go again. The store is also great...tons of cool stuff and it's pretty affordable too.

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by Austin L.

Agree with the other reviewers about some cool stuff and a very high price point for those items.  When I was looking for a rehearsal space for a project some time back, I called this place and was told I would have to pay a flat fee per hour plus extra money for each additional person in the room.   Every other space in Austin simply has a flat fee.  After all, you are paying to rent the room, not per square cubic foot of air breathed!When I politely expressed my surprise about this, the woman I was talking to immediately became hostile and rude, telling me that's the way it was and that if I didn't like it I could go elsewhere.So  I did.  She lost a lot of money that day--not only from me but from the many other people I know who rent rehearsal space for different projects.  I tell people to stay away from this place.Hence, the usual stars off for lousy customer service.

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