in Alhambra, CA

Wahib's Middle East Restaurant

910 E Main St
Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 281-1006


Price Range: $$
Parking: Street, Private Lot
Credit Card: Yes
Outdoor Seating: Yes
Alcohol: Beer Wine Only

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by Eve R.

Wahibs reminds me of my childhood.. It doesn't get any better than this (In my opinion).. I love their Okra stew w/ a side of rice and means Their Sharwarma is amazing! gosh my mouth is watering as I type. Lately we've been going for their buffet b/c its so reasonable and so much variety (lunch till 4pm) Early dinner!.. Pitas, lentil soup w/ a squeeze of lemon, hummus, flafel, grape leaves, baklava, fruit, assorted main dishes: fish w/ tahini, grilled chicken, stewed potatoes, curry veggies, tabulli, green salad and much more.. I am NEVER disappointed. BEST MIDDLE EASTERN IN THE SGV!!PS: sorry for any errors on the names of the dishes :)

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by Max S.

When I joined yelp I had Wahib's on my mind. I've always told people that it is the most authentic Lebanese cuisine outside of Lebanon that you can find. The hummos, the tabouleh, the shish kebob, the mezzes, and my favorite - frog legs. I wish I lived closer so I could come more often but I still try my best to frequent it. Even for special events, like Christmas or new years, they know how to put on a show with musicians and belly dancers. If you know what it feels like, feeling like you're in Lebanon is a great state of mind. And Wahib's delivers.

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by Anonymous S.

Great food, good prices.  If you like middle eastern food, you'll love this.  I have enjoyed every dish I have ordered.  I usually eat vegetarian, but have liked the chicken the few times I ordered it.   Sometimes at lunch the service is slow because they are busy.  They have easy parking and great deserts.

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by Roni R.noel s.Teak L.Janice L.Stephanie K.

This place was really good for local middle eastern food.  Theyre buffet was actually really decent -- I was really  impressed w/the quality of food.  I'm big on middle eastern salads and they're taboule and fattoush was not bad.  The varying grapeleaves were also very nice ... you could get veggie or meat.  Stuffed squash -- incredibly good.The staff is a little oblivious and it's probably b/c they're understaffed.  Either running around or completely lost.  Still, on the food alone I'd highly rec'd this place.  =)PS - I tried the Lebonese wine they have ... it was okay.  Not much option if you want to booze it up.  PPS - If you like hookah, you can go out to the patio to have it w/some mint tea.  Always very nice after a meal!This place is awesome! If you're tired of having Asian food over and over, then this is a great place for some Mediterranean/ Middle Eastern style food. How am I qualified to be able to judge this? I was married to a Turkish girl for 8 years and I've also had home-made Lebanese food many times cooked by a good friend's mom.I've had the stuff on their dinner menu which was good but lately I've going there for the $9.95 lunch buffet. You can't beat it for middle eastern comfort food. Fresh fresh fresh! I love the hummus and tabbouleh. The fish in tahini sauce is yummy. The roast chicken and french fries are a great combo. The stuffed grape leaves are yummy. And the rice is perfectly cooked. The service is friendly and responsive. The owner takes pride in his food and it shows. One of my favorite restaurants here in the SGV.Final Decision: Really Just okay...not worthy of the overall rating...So me and the crew want hankering for something new to eat and decided to check this place out.   After checking out the menu, we decided to go with the dinner buffet since may be more "bang for our buck".  Got here and got seated right away as the spot wasn't close to capacity, but was so after we left. Decor: Really high ceilings with interesting unique artwork on the walls, some of a descending fountain and other scenery from nature.  Service: The waiters were cool, made sure our plates were removed when we were done and made sure we had plenty of beverage to drink. Food: This was the make or break.  The curries were spiced very nicely.  The rice with meat was just okay.  The grape leaves and cabbage rolls were on par, there were some unique flavors, but nothing that really stuck out, almost on the bland side of things.  The rotisserie roasted chicken was a little dry. Probably the highlights were the hummus and the pita chips which were really nicely flavored.   Their Baklava-like dessert was not bad, not overly too sweet, but just felt like there was something missing.  Overall the meal was just okay.  So far, we've struck out quite a few times on our adventures to places around here for food.  Maybe next time we'll just try some of the food on the menu instead.I've been here twice and got take out once.  What makes this place worth it is the portion size, you also get a lot of hummus and pita bread.  I've tried the buffet and I thought it was decent, the lamb was a little fatty, there are a lot of side choices (the egg plant was my favorite), lentil soup, and the Baklava was delicious...I had a few.  I came with my family and relatives from out of state and they all enjoyed it.  The service is great, everyone is friendly.Wow! This place was a pleasant surprise. My bf was planning to meet me for lunch and we were craving Greek food and you yelpers led me here. I wasn't expecting much, just some tabbouleh and kabob plates. We walked in and there was a lunch buffet for only $9.95!  That is a steal! They have veggie and meat grape leaves which were delicious! Soup, pita chips, all the standard medi spreads, and so much more! Their green beans are so delicious, I had a plate for just that. Even though it's buffet style, everything is fresh and perfectly spiced. They know how to do mediterranean food right! And they had fresh fruit and baklava for dessert. No matter how much I ate I couldn't resist the grapes and baklava!Very attentive service with pitchers of water and constant refills. They're awesome!

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by Jody V.

Hookah time!  The food is good most of the time, last time the lamb was pretty dry.  Other times it's been fine so I'll chalk it up as a fluke.  Go with a few friends and share some dishes to get the full effect.  Or if you have a larger group you can have more room out back in the patio and hit the hookah.  It's not some lounge in west LA but it's a nice place to get some good food and chill out.  Plus they have a pretty good selection of baklavah up front.  It's worth checking out.

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by Jen Y.

My bf and I stumbled upon this place, and we decided that it'd be fun trying some Middle Eastern food since we haven't really had much before.  The complimentary hummus and pita are so good!  Take some of it home and pop the pita bread into a toaster oven.  It makes it so crunchy and yummy!For our appetizer, we got dolma, grapeleaves stuffed with ground lamb and rice.  The appetizer was so good, and the lamb wasn't overpowering.  I really loved the smoky, stewed tomato flavor in this dish.  The leaf was barely noticeable.  My bf didn't like it so much, but I loved it!  For our entree, we got the fish filet dish.  It came with a salad that had an amazingly vinegary/lemony dressing.  We kept dipping everything in it!  The entree also came with really fluffy and flavorful rice.  It was so good that we couldn't stop eating it.  The fish was seasoned perfectly, and it was moist on the inside and crispy on the outside.  Be careful of the roasted green pepper that they serve whole with this dish.  My bf was the guinea pig and learned it the hard way: the pepper is very VERY very spicy!

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by Gene H.

I like their 7.95 lunch/dinner deal. You a get a lot for that price. I got the chicken kabob plate. Comes with the rice beans, grilled tomato and onions. pita and hummus comes in the beginning. hummus is so good! i asked the lentil soup vs the salad, they are exceptionally both good. Service is great there. I would recommend this place if you're up for  some middle eastern food

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by m c.

I've been wanting to try this place for sometime now.  Tried the lunch buffet the other day.  It was okay.  The chicken was a little too dry as so was the pita bread.  Didn't like the grape leaves.  I wish they had falafels on the buffet :(  The curry was flavorful.  I love the fresh cucumbers :)  For the price, I would return.  The staff definitely were great.  Very attentive!  My husband loved this place!

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by Rene D.

Good for the San Gabriel Valley as a sit down middle-eastern restaurant..Good service, descent portions; and priced right if you know what, and what not to order..Get there early on the weekend nights cause their is some pretty cool belly dancing habibi's..

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by Chris V.

Excellent, just excellent middle eastern.  This place is great.  Food tasted much better than expected, we got tons of it for the price, and the service was top-notch.Keepin it short since there are lots of other reviews, but this is a place you do not want to miss if you have even an interest in middle eastern food!

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