in Maspeth, NY

Hush Cafe Lounge Garden

70-10 Grand Ave
Maspeth, NY 11378
(718) 779-6061


Price Range: $$
Parking: Street
Credit Card: Yes
Outdoor Seating: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar

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September 15, 2010
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by Marisa

I love this place...it is relaxed and one of my favorites for a really late night relaxing spot to wind down with some drinks, food, and hookah. Most hookah lounges get really crowded during the weekends--but here you can actually sit with friends and have decent conversation...which I am a huge fan of. It has beautiful decor, nice porch and gorgeous patio. Very nice place. People are nice and polite. I definitely recommend this place, especially to couples..........

August 21, 2011
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nasty place by kathy

Waitresses very lame, bad service trying too hard to be very Astoria longer like and the owners are like 2 shit faced pricks. one of them I believe his name is armin walks like he's a clown but than again he probably has no personality so he has to walk that way.

December 23, 2011
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awesome! by ava

perfect place for hookah and drinks! the staff is super nice and friendly, and the atmosphere is great. my friends and I always have a good time in here.

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by Walter V.

Great Food, Great Drinks, Great Staff, Great sexy PeopleIf you are looking for a great place to hang out, drink, eat and have a good time while listening to great music, Hush in Maspeth is the place to visit! Their interior is lush, their bar is clean, well stocked with only the finest, and you will always be tended to with a smile.Hush's Garden is a fantastic setting for after-work relaxation, and cozy evenings with your friends.  Happy hour is Tuesday through Thursday 5pm to 8pm and Friday 3pm to 6pm.Hungry? Their wings are one of its kind.  All the Wraps are worth to try.  Their Beef Medallions are great and very inexpensive.  Dirty Bird Chicken sandwich made in pita bread is to die for! Music is nice and relaxing during the week and weekends DJ makes it best out of it. Even neighbors that live on both sides of the place come out for boogie boogie.....I love the place.  There is nothing of this kind anywhere in Queens.  Just go there one time and you will always want to go there again and again.Hush Lounge and Garden     http://www.hushloungen...

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Great Waiters, Bar tenders ,  AWESOME  place...and Friendly People..  I salute the Hush Brothers - Guys I rate you for"  Cinco Strellas"

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by Crista Y.

I went past this place while running one day in my neighborhood and stumbled across it by accident.   Beautiful decor and creates a feel different from the rest of Queens.  It seems like it should belong in Astoria but I am glad to have a venue that has a nightlife here in the Elmhurst/Maspeth area.  I haven't tried the food yet but I will report back when I have.

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